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Written by on November 1, 2017

First Tuesday in Dec. 7pm Come Sit at the Feet of Jesus with me.  God reminds me He Use’s the foolish things to profound the wise. Because I’m far from equipt tor able to do All that God has trusted me to do. I’m Amazed when I look back and around me. I’m in Awe… So I, Can only do These things through Him who Guides, & Strengthens.

I stand on this Verse. Proverbs 3:5-6 (one of the very 1 verse God had me memories, why because I had to understand everything… so I thought)  Now, I just trust and say Ok  Father God..

I am not Qualified, but I’ve been told He doesn’t call the qualified, He calls the willing… So He’s the Only one who qualify’s ME.  So Continue to Pray, I’m excited about this Journey, we Will Learn to Walk out the pains of our past, our hangups the enemy loves to keep us focused on, and the anxieties he loves to distracted us from.. So that we don’t do All that God’s called us to do. Let Go do this Soldiers..

Love you, Mark you Calendars.. Dec. 5th

Daughter of the King, Sophia

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